Cloud Backups

Why use our cloud backups - its simple really!

We have seen how backups are generally done when we take over a server in crisis and why certain platforms are difficult to manage and maintain, we have seen that systems that do not automate backups fail because the users do not have time to spend on backups, we have seen that automated systems fail when it is not robust or monitored properly. Our system addresses every concern we have seen over the years. Remember, Phase Change was spawned out of a "parent" company so we have more than a decade's experience when it comes to normal IT support and things like backups for clients both big and small.

Some of the more important features and benefits:

  • Multi platform, backup your Windows, Linux or Apple servers and desktops.
  • Supports various database technologies including MySQL, MS SQL, MS Exchange and can backup Windows System states and Active Directory.
  • Automated scheduling, multiple diverse schedules etc.
  • Runs in the background without any interference, using minimal system resources and can even backup your data while you work on it.
  • The data is stored safely in the cloud, you can encrypt it if you like and the connection to our servers are secure and super fast.
  • The data can be replicated to multiple servers and the system complies with all laws and requirements for the financial services industry.
  • Data is stored locally in South Africa so you can physically come and touch the servers your data is on.
  • The system is backed by our privacy policy so your data is therefore protected against any form of use.
  • We provide data courier services so your data needs not be backed up initially over the internet, it can be done via a flash or hard drive that we will send you.
  • We use a data transfer protocol that only copies your changes, not the entire file every time and we also compress the data before it gets sent saving you massive amounts of internet bandwidth.
  • We guarantee restorability of any data correctly backed up.
  • The prices are affordable
Storage size 20 Gb 40 Gb 100 Gb 500 Gb 1 Tb
Once off setup fee 1 Free
Monthly fee R 50.00 R 100.00 R 200.00 R 1000.00 2 R 2000.00


24/7 Support  yes
Up to 448 bit encryption yes
1 "desktop" license 3 included yes
Continuous backup yes
Data compression yes
Easy recovery yes
Multiple schedules yes
File versioning yes
File archiving yes
Reliable and secure yes
Uncapped transfers yes

Optional monthly extras

Firstly - what is an mCAL? An mCAL is a client license to backup a specific technology so different technologies require different amounts of mCAL's to backup.

Single additional mCAL R 20.00
Additional Desktop license 3 (Windows/Linux/Mac) R 20.00
Upgrade from Desktop to Server OS (Windows/Linux/Mac) R 20.00
Additional Server OS license (Windows/Linux/Mac) R 40.00
Microsoft Exchange database plug-in R 40.00
Microsoft Exchange per mailbox plug-in R 20.00
Microsoft Sharepoint plug-in R 40.00
Microsoft SQL Server plug-in R 40.00
MySQL server plug-in R 20.00
Oracle plug-in R 40.00
PostGreSQL server plug-in R 20.00
Bare metal desktop plug-in R 40.00
Bare metal Server plug-in R 60.00
cPanel plug-in R 60.00
VMWare plug-in R 40.00/CPU
Hyper-V plug-in R 40.00/CPU

The fine print

  • 1 Standard server side set-up is free, setup on customer servers or worksations are charged at our ad-hoc or normal rates for customers with managed services.
  • 2 This is an estimated price, we can negotiate better pricing for larger volume requirements
  • 3 A "desktop license" is 1x mCAL that you can use to backup any desktop/laptop/workstation that does not have a "Server" operating system - this includes Windows, Linux (Ubuntu etc.) and Apple Mac desktops.
  • You only pay for the amount of storage and amount mCAL's used every month - no other fees or costs.
  • All our products and services are governed by our acceptable usage policy, should your needs be deemed high load we will suggest a suitable upgrade path.
  • Service is provided with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for hardware and network connectivity.
  • These packages are not contracts and can be cancelled within 30 days.
  • Everything on this site is subject to our terms and conditions.
  • The pricing model is also pretty simple at R2.00 per Gb of storage and R20 per mCAL per month.