Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage platform allows secure remote storage of data and allows secure access to this data from any location around the world. Our solutions allow full collaboration for an entire workforce with unlimited users connected simultaneously.

We provide custom solutions such as VPN based server space, "mapped" network drives and our own proprietary cross platform file sync solution similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. This data can be hosted in Germany (on special request) or locally in sunny South Africa. Our solutions comply with ZA regulations including the FSB stipulation about data and backup data locations for the financial services industry of South Africa.

The major reason people choose our solution over Dropbox or Google drive is the fact that you can physically go and touch the server that contains your data whereas with the other providers your data lives in the grey space called the cloud.

Once off setup feeMonthly service feeMonthly price per Gb space used
1 Free 2 R 80.00 R 3.00

General features and benefits

High performance solution yes
Compliant with all government and FSB requirements yes
Some platforms have a web interface yes
Anti virus included and maintained yes
Cross platform - Android, iPhone etc. yes
3 Everything included yes

Data-centre features

Climate controlled yes
Redundant connectivity yes
Redundant power yes
Physically secured yes
Geographically dispersed yes
Fire protected yes
Firewalled yes
24/7 remote hands yes
Actively monitored yes

The fine print

  • We do not list all the different solutions and different prices, please contact us so we can determine what would work best for you.
  • 1 Standard server side set-up is free, custom set-up will incur additional set-up fees. Client side setup assistance is available and charged at our normal rates.
  • 2 Custom accounts with multiple users, access levels etc. might require additional account fees. The account fee listed is per user per month.
  • 3 Everything required to provide the service to you is included, all maintenance, all security configurations etc. No hidden costs when there is something required related to the service provided.
  • We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee on these platforms
  • All our products and services are governed by our acceptable usage policy, should your need be deemed high load we will suggest a suitable upgrade path.
  • These services are uncapped for both traffic and storage, you will be billed for the space used.
  • Clients manage their own data sizes, it is not monitored or checked in any way by us.
  • Data on these platforms are not backed up periodically, it is on redundant platforms but should you require file versioning, scheduled backups, retention policies etc. it is important to indicate that as it can be backed up with our cloud backups platform if required.
  • These packages are not contracts and can be cancelled within 30 days.
  • Everything on this site is subject to our terms and conditions.